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Unplugging your Network for the Mobile
FREEDOM of Wireless Connectivity

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Stay Connected to your Operation.

Extending your Network using Surveillance, Wireless Solutions and the Internet Aerlinks keeps you connected to your Network .

Manage with Surveillance Network

Detect, track and zoom in on activity without human intervention. Automatically detect and classify unauthorized movement in restricted zones, illegally parked vehicles, perimeter breaches in high risk areas and more.

Remote Control of your Business.

Remotely Inter-react with Employees, Vendors, Public Safety Personnel and others.
Open Doors, have conversations, view live images, exchange documents and more from a Remote Office, Home, Hotel using a Computer and an Internet Connection.

Community to Monitor Bank of Surveillance Cameras Construction to Monitor
Monitoring Station

Surveillance Camera Images Delivered to Monitoring sites Wirelessly

Wireless Mesh Router
Wireless Antenna Array Parking Garage to Monitor Monitoring Station
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  • Basic Over View and Record
  • License Plate ID
  • Event Oversight
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Safety Enforcement
  • Intercom Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Automatic Response based on Intellegent Camera Analytics
  • Wireless

  • Connect a Network Device
  • Access your Network
  • Unite LAN Segments
  • Extend Network across WAN
  • Reduce Backhaul Cost
  • Illustrated Solutions